Ammonia free haircolor: is it possible to dye hair without ammonia?

What’s behind the ammonia free haircolor trend, and does it offer a real alternative to traditional haircolor formulas?

All you need to know about ammonia free haircolor

When it comes to coloring your hair, you have a lot of different options. We’re not just talking about colors, either. There are many different types of formulas you can choose from and they each have their strong suits. One option you may want to consider is ammonia free haircolor (hair dye without ammonia). Here, we’re sharing our best ammonia free hair dyes and explaining why you may want to use a no ammonia hair dye formula. Let’s get to it!

What is ammonia in hair dye used for in traditional haircolors?

First things first, it’s helpful to understand exactly what ammonia is in order to understand ammonia free haircolor.

Ammonia is a chemical typically found in permanent hair dyes. If you’ve ever thought your hair dye smelled a little strong, that probably had something to do with the ammonia in the formula. What does ammonia do? It’s used in haircoloring formulas to open the hair’s cuticle layer, which then allows the dye to penetrate the hair shaft.

The best ammonia free hair dye collections (permanent)

These days, however, you can get permanent color through ammonia free haircolor products. In fact, over a decade ago, L’Oréal Professionnel brought out their innovative, ammonia free haircolor collection INOA. It uses pioneering technology to replace the use of ammonia. Instead, INOA uses a unique oil delivery system where oils are used to deliver the haircolor to the fiber.

How does hair dye without ammonia work? This no ammonia haircolor process is quite simple. The ammonia free haircolor formula is blended with oils and applied to the hair. The pigments are then attracted from the oils towards the moisture in the hair’s fiber, and penetrate through into the cortex, depositing their color right at the heart of the hair. INOA is a truly effective, permanent no ammonia haircolor solution that removes the need for ammonia in hair dye.

Is ammonia free haircolor safe and better?

Ammonia free haircolor has an extra gentle formula. This is great news for those looking for haircolor for sensitive skin, or hair that feels frazzled from previous coloring and/or styling processes. That said, to be on the safe side, your stylist should always do a patch test before coloring to check for sensitivity whether using a no ammonia haircolor or not.

One of the main criticisms about ammonia-based hair dyes is the strong ammonia smell that some products can give off. INOA is an ammonia free haircolor, so it doesn’t have that strong smell.

The INOA oil delivery system not only infuses the hair with nourishing oils to give it a silky smooth finish but protects the hair’s natural moisture levels to prevent dryness and prolong your color.

Which is the best ammonia free haircolor (non-permanent)?

For permanent ammonia free haircolor, INOA remains one of the best ammonia free haircolor options and a colorists’ favorite. But what if you’re looking for a semi-permanent or temporary shade? Introducing…Botanea!

Botanea Haircolor: This new collection uses just three natural herbal ingredients and coconut oil to infuse color onto the hair fiber. Depending on the desired color, cassia, henna and indigo powders are mixed together with hot water, and give a long-lasting but not permanent, natural-looking finish.

Fall in love with your healthy hair thanks to all the options for haircolor without ammonia!

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